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Created by @Wontonimo,validated by @BugKiller_328,@LazyMammal and @Husoski.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

In the problem description, the following is stated:
The incorrect word must have less instances than the number of instances the correct word. Therefor ‘did’ is not changed to ‘dd’ , because ‘did’ has 2 instances and ‘dd’ only has 1.
However, the testcases do not correnspond to that.

Which ones? Please explain.

UPDATE 02/03/2023

I am removing my original message because it was not accurate. For some strange reason it looks like i saw an incorrect the output of the test case that had me going in circles for a long time leading to the frustration. See example below of what I saw.

I deleted all my code and started again days later and was able to complete it. @5DN1L, I do not know how you are able to see the test cases the way you showed. How do you do it? Either way, thank you for pointing out the right test case contents.


Please calm down.

59 players (including myself) have finished the puzzle. So, instead of immediately accusing the puzzle of being wrong and accusing good rating of being fake, please check more thoroughly first.

I don’t see the test case as quoted in your message. Please see the following screenshot for the actual input of the test case. Maybe your code has a bug in extracting or outputing the input of the test case?

Glad that you have completed the puzzle! :tada:

You first click the button above the test cases (see the screenshot below), and then you can click any case to view its contents.