Community puzzle - success rate

I have just solved the community puzzle “Bingo!” using python3, and I can see 9 other people’s python3 solutions on the same puzzle as well. However, the community success rate states that only 6 have finished solving the puzzle. Is that a bug, or just a time lag in updating the information? I am not sure whether the same issue affects the information displayed for other puzzles. Please help look into the issue. Thank you.

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In fact, i can see 36 solutions (all languages included). So yes the success count seems pretty bad :smiley:

I’m not sure, but if i look to the contribution itself, there’s life on it. Few comments from few codingamers. I wonder if you can see the solution of people who solved the puzzle before it was public. And maybe the counter only count people after the final publication.

I noticed that too. It’s not limited to this puzzle.
The solvers before the publication of that problem can’t be the reason, as the puzzle won’t be marked as solved (when I approve a puzzle, I have to solve it twice: once for validating, once to get the points).

It’s either a really outdated cache or just wrong.

I noticed a similar issue some time ago. I think it impacts pretty much all the puzzles. We’ll look into it.

I looked in 2 puzzles with a small amount of shown solvers

i guess it is the number of solvers with the most used language

e.g. ‘dominoes solver’ shows solved by 5 and has 14 solution
5 of this solutions are in python3 and it is the language most used …

‘musical-intervals/solution’ shows solved by 5 and has 16 solutions
most used language is c++ with 5 people …

maybe you got a bad join on the database?