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Created by @Lisa-Has-Ideas,validated by @cedricdd,@_O-MEGA and @MrWaldron.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

Found: Frida plus Diego = Dida Fridiego Friego
Expected: Frida plus Diego = Fridiego Friego

Question : why not Dida ? beginning of “DIego” with the end of “frIDA” with only 1 common letter. There is also 1 common letter in Fridiego and Friedo.

➤ Must not be shorter than the shortest individual-name.
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Dida would be a great Couple Name, but it violates the minimum length rule :slight_smile:

OK I missed this rule, thank you.

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I never thought I would ever click on such banner picture and link name of my own free will…
Nice easy puzzle idea - as now becoming usual from you :wink:

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Haha, thank you for the high- praise :smile_cat:

a nice challenge with lots of rules to trip up on
excellent tests

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Ben and Jennifer
Why not : Jennifen ?

Tarzan and Jane
Why not : Jarzan Tane

Heidi and Spencer
Why not : Spenceidi Hencer

for the first 2:
➤ Include only Couple-Names with the most overlapping-letters possible

for the 3rd one:
there are 3 possible results and they must be listed in alphabetical order


thx and for finish

Ben and Jennifer
Why not : Jen

Jen is not Ben and not Jennifer

Rule ?!
Cannot be the same as either of the individual names because that’s just silly

Thanks for playing my puzzle :slight_smile:

Ben plus Jennifer could be “Bennifer”: That has 2-overlapping letters (“en” from Ben and “en” from ennifer).
So per rule “Only Max Overlapping” we will NOT include any other options where there are less than 2 overlapping letters.

For Ben plus Jennifer to equal Jen (and have 2 over-lapping lettters), you would have to take the first part of Jennifer (Jen) and smoosh it with the last part of Ben (en). (The 2 over-lapping letters are “en”).
That is not acceptable since it violates the “Must contain at least one letter from each person, that isn’t part of the overlapping-letter(s).” rule. Ben’s entire contribution would be just the overlapping letters (“en”). (Poor Ben)


Only Max Overlapping:
➤ Include only Couple-Names with the most overlapping-letters possible. For example, if there is a Couple-Name that has 2 overlapping-letters, don’t show others that have less than 2 overlapping-letters.

I’m passing all tests and all but one validator–failing validator 12. Can you provide the inputs or a distinguishing test?

Hi sammck
Thanks for playing my puzzle.

I just private messaged you the input.
(At least I think I did, but I can’t seem to confirm that. So if you don’t see it, let me know)

Let me know if you have any concerns or want the output also

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Hello. Nice puzzle idea.
I also have trouble with the 12th validator.
Could you provide me the input ?
Maybe in a public message ? I’m guessing other people will have the same problem in the future.

A public message is probably a bad idea. However, if a number of people have trouble with that validator, the author should think about whether a pair of test and validator should be added to cover any particular aspects of that validator.

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