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Created by @vinc-r,validated by @Westicles,@Razovsky and @Alcalyn.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

It seems that IDE test 12x12 has another solution besides the one expected:


IDE Test 8x8 Hard has also a second solution:


Or what do I miss here?

I can see idential columns in your second example, while the rules state

no identical rows and no identical columns

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Thanks, I missed that rule!

Hey there.

All my IDE tests passes but when submitting my solution, the validation 8x8 hard does not pass and I can’t figure out why.

Could anybody help me figure out what I’m missing ?

I use PHP by the way.


Difficult to tell… The input to that validator contains the same number of 0s and even more 1s than the corresponding test case. And the outputs (answers) are not the same.

Perhaps you may try reading the statement again and make sure you have implemented all the rules and correctly too?


Thanks for the feedback.
I did implement every rules. I even tried to find algorithm online to complete the grid without brute forcing it with no avail.

Maybe you could help me by checking my code online :slight_smile:

I don’t know enough php to comment on your code, but by running your code on the last validator, it outputs the same board state to the error stream over and over again after just a few iterations. It looks like your code is not able to make any progress and find any empty cell to fill.

Thanks everyone.

I think I know where the problem comes from.

There is one case I didn’t implement correctly.

Hi folks,
Is there a way to get the input from the Validator Tests ? I pass with success all the tests from the IDE.
But the 8x8 Hard fails when I submit my code… And I don’t see how to fix my code if I can’t see at least the input of the test :confused:
Anyone knows how to get that input ?
Thanks !

EDIT : Just realized that it’s the same issue as some posts above… but still it does not fix my issue

I have the same issue, but cannot see the input for the Validator so I don’t know what to fix

@Mastard @Woega You may PM me your code to have a look.

ok great thanks I will

thanks guys with the info in the DM I was able to solve it to 100%.