[Community Puzzle] The Electrician Apprentice


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Created by @d-mark,validated by @anon79121980,@Djoums and @Dogeek.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

This puzzle seems quite fun but tere’s a mistake in the example of datas:
I’ts written ::
TV = A1 A2 - A3
RADIO = A1 A2 - A3 A4
CONSOLE = A1 A2 - A3

but it should be:
TV - A1 A2 = A3
RADIO - A1 A2 = A3 A4
CONSOLE - A1 A2 = A3

Edit : Sorry for the noise, I posted too quickly and saw it was ok a bit later.

‘=’ indicates a parallel junction, and ‘-’ a sequential one. So the example is correct.

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Weird… my code passes all tests but validators mixed and weird are still red… could you say without spoiling it what might be the main difference between the mixed example in tests and the one in the validators please? :slight_smile:

EDIT: Nevermind, I fixed it :wink: Great puzzle btw

Same issue here, all tests ok, weird and mixed validators not. Any idea why ?

You may have false positive issues especially with switches based on booleans (on/off).
It happened for me at the begining.
I though my result was correct for some devices but it was only by luck !
To solve, i suggest you to debug your devices to check if switches in your circuit are properly set after modifications.
I managed to solve everything eventually (correct in test and validation).
This puzzle is adapted for a POO approach IMHO.
One class may correspond to the circuit, one to a device, one to a block of switches and one to a single switch.

If I may add something about the tests cases and validators, there isn’t any tests nor validators that handle the parallel rules of the puzzle.
There isn’t any device that could be OFF by using the parallels rules, so if you follow the rules only on the sequential one properly, you will have the 100%…

Hello, I have every tests passed on my side but validation “Mixed” and “Weird Home” are not good, any test case that I can use to correct this?