[Community puzzle] The Highest Building

Hi Guys,
I’ve been trying to solve the community puzzle “The Highest Building” by @konrad_werblinski today, and I get stuck.
I’d like to know if anyone else solved it in Python3 ?

I feel like my output is correct, but none of the test pass. The output is “visually” correct (I see the right building, in the right order, separated by a blank line), and I made sure there is no trailing space on the right of each line printed – print(line.rstrip()).

Any idea of what I could have done wrong ?

Cheers !

What’s the error?

Problem fixed, I should have think about it ealier :sweat:
My printing function was defective and adding an extra empty line at the end, which I didn’t see.

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I had the same error while trying to solve it.


My code passes all test cases but fails on the 4th validator.
Any clue?

I tried “limit” cases with the custom test case but couldn’t come up with one that make my code fail…


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Thank you very much, ArbustRe. I wasted much time missing that mistake and found it due to tour post. My head almost blown because I saw correct figures in output but system didn’t accepted it :grin:


All tests passed successfully, but 6th validator does not pass.
Does this validator have some strong differences with the test ?