[Community Puzzle] The Hooch Clash Grouch


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Created by @JBM,validated by @Zorg1,@Niako and @BenjaminUrquhart.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

@Zorg1 @Niako @BenjaminUrquhart I’m only trying now, and I’m having a much harder time than expected solving it in Haskell. Would you mind if we bumped difficulty to Medium?

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I would be OK with that. Let’s see what the other approvers think.

No problem.

Bumped to Medium difficulty.

Waiting a bit for more people to try it before assessing whether that “Your mind is floating” case ought to be nerfed somewhat.

Reading Comprehension

^^ Well played!

Hello, I am facing problem with C++, in the IDE all tests are passed and I am not hard-coding anything.
May we have the Validator to “Whee” and “Much Higher” which is OK in the IDE and not there.

I may be able to test it in Expert Mode and understand what is happening :o

i could not solve this problem in c++. timeout :frowning:

how long did it set timeout?

i guess it did set about 100 ms.

This is a simple I/O problem, there’s no author-settable specific timeout there, it’s the same as all the other I/O puzzles.

(and I don’t know it by heart, I suppose you could find it out by writing a { delay(N); print “SUCCESS” } kind of program if you’re so inclined)

I got it.

Can I solve this problem using a O(N^2) time complexity solution?

Assuming N = orbSizeMax - orbSizeMin, O(N^2), or even O(N^2 log N), is the intended solution complexity.

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