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Created by @Lisa-Has-Ideas,validated by @Timinator,@kayou and @FredericLocquet.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

pass all 23 tests and passed all validators except for 01??? any clue?

The first validator is the same than the first test, excepted the ‘+’ positions. I don’t see what can be the problem with this one.
Since it is the easiest, I think I can show the datas.



Try this in a custom test and you’ll see what is wrong with your result.

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Try again now, there was an extra space on the end of one of the lines on that validator that I’ve removed.


Sorry and Thanks :blush:

This was certainly an interesting solve. I was thinking about using C at first to challenge myself, but then I came to my senses and realized how truly awful that would be, so I got it in ruby in just under 80 lines. Code is unreadable but it works lol.

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Perfect, thank you for the correction, it works now

Just curious… Why were dozens of other people able to pass that validator before this person noticed it?

The extra space was at the end of the last input line, i.e.

As the statement specifies that any white space to the right on each output line should be trimmed off, I guess everybody passed the validator because they followed the statement.

Normally it’s due to different languages handling extra spaces differently. Often splitting on spaces (some languages will add an empty entry at the end of the array and others don’t) or trying to convert to int with a space on the end. In this case I’ve no idea how it could cause a failure (it was on the end of one the pattern lines which already have spaces that need ignoring) but whenever someone posts asking why a specific validator failed it’s the first thing I check as it happens fairly often.

Oh I see:
you’re saying that the PLAYER had an extra space on their submission…. Not that I (the CREATOR) had put in an extra space.
OK that makes perfect sense. I had read that differently initially :blush:

Well, actually you had put in an extra space as well, that’s why @RoboStac had removed it…

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