[Community Puzzle] The parking

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Created by @nguyen.lam,validated by @d-mark,@FoXbOw and @FredericLocquet.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

If a car parks for 10 hours but not until the end of the day, is the fee 48 euros or 30 euros (full day price). I may have overlooked the information but if it is missing, you may want to add it to the prompt, which only says that a car still parking at the end of the day pays the 30 euros. It doesn’t clarify whether 30 euros is also the maximum price for the day (a daily maximum is common in car parks).
Incidentally, does a car parking for just 15 minutes till the end of the day pay nothing or 30 euros?
Does a car parking for 30 minutes till the end of the day pay 2.4 euros or 30 euros?

You are right, for that point it is not very clear but actually, there is no such case in tests nor validator. So let’s assume “if a car stay at the end of day → 30 euros.” is enough.