[Community Puzzle] The Urinal Problem



My solution is ok for al the tests, but is not good for last validator.
Could someone give me a hint on the difference between test4 and validator 4 ?

There is one more occupied urinal in “Mostly Empty Validator”.

Well, I am actually struggling for the validators: my code solves all the testcases and all the validators, but NOT the first one (simple bathroom). Could anyone say me what is possibly wrong with my code, or what is the difference?

There is no case named “simple bathroom”?

If you are talking about the first validator, just try all combinations of U and ! of length 3 and check whether your code produces the correct answers.

Thanks, actually my problemw was I started my code with the rules of the optimal urinal problem, which suppose the rule you will never have two persons next. Thank you for your help

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