[Community Puzzle] Ulam Spiral

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Created by @Globostofo,validated by @Lisa-Has-Ideas,@NicolasCDT and @FredericLocquet.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

For user-friendliness, it is better not to use trailing spaces in data input or output. Use it at the front has less problem.

Someone might print the puzzle and I/O data on paper to share. Your invisible tails will cause disappointment.

Is it possible to correct this or it’s too late ?

You can always change your contribution by going into Community > Contributions > “My contributions” and then select it, and then “edit”

But I would consider Not changing it. I think it’s fine the way it is.
Since there can be only one “right answer” I think displaying it as a full square is what makes most sense.

Okay thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

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Don’t change it, just warn that there are trailing spaces.

Agree on not changing after it has been solved by many.
Recommendation for future puzzles: use a . instead of space in similar output requirements. It is more appropriate then asking for a trim, yet still readable.

I already warn to don’t delete trailing spaces in output section

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Thanks for the advice, I’ll think about that next time

Warn that there are trailing space, not to not delete them, because trailing spaces are not mentionned before.