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Created by @_yel_p,validated by @Timinator,@Aldoggen and @Lanfeust.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

I have a trouble with this puzzle :(, even if I unjoyed to find my solution.
My program is able to pass all the test cases but is failing for 4 validators (3, 5, 7 and 10). I’m abit surprised by this difference.
would you see any specificity for these compared to test cases / other validators?
Thank you by advance

I was found mistake like below

onside or offside , but not both solution at the same time

The puzzle statement makes a distinction between being in an offside position (first line of output) and having an actual offside offence (second line). There is no contradiction, just re-read the statement carefully. Maybe the chosen wording in the output is not the best.

What language are you using?

Hi Timinator,
I’m using Python3

I found a way to validate validators 5 and 10 in game player were not check to be in there side for official validation. So this case is not covered by initial tests. Now I’m chasing my other miss…

I’ll send you a PM.

Hi, I’ve got 93 % score in this puzzle, in my case #12: Socios is wrong solution. Could You share more data link with this example becouse I dont know what is problem . My local test case result was 100%.
I meant could You share for case#12 socios input and output data ?

I will send you a PM.

Thank You so much, I’ve fix my solution and I’ve 100% score.

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