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Created by @Ayza,validated by @Darazdeblek,@Denil and @anon79121980.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

Hi and thanks @Ayza :+1: !
i get pleasure solving your good puzzle :grinning:.
→ i plan to reuse my code for a new personal project :wink:
:wave:bye !

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Thank you! glad you enjoyed the puzzle. Good luck with the project.

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@Ayza - I enjoyed your puzzle a lot, but I ran into an issue this weekend when my Level 9 Nephew passed all test cases, but then still failed THREE validators. He spent a lot of time on the puzzle, so it was rather unpleasant to see his excitement all turn to frustration when he submitted his solution. Here are the mistakes he was making:

  1. Not using the minutes as part of his sort criteria.
  2. Storing likes, hours and minutes as strings instead of numbers.
  3. Just a basic error when comparing likes

None of these mistakes affect his ability to pass test cases, only validators. Like I said, I enjoyed your puzzle a lot, but I would like to see several more test cases added.

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I sent a PM with a link to my nephew’s JavaScript.

Hi, Timinator. I don’t visit the forums a lot so sorry for the late response.

  1. Solved by modifying the first testcase, you have to consider minutes in the sorting now.

  2. I modified the Tie - Followed testcase. It took me quite long because I couldn’t figure out a good testcase to make so that it checks for storing as integers. But I realized your nephew failing validator 3 had to do with the order of the input, so I modified its testcase and now your nephew’s code fails it. That should fix it. ( I am not a JS programmer, so I did not try to read your nephew’s code. )

  3. I assume that is a mistake from his end. I didn’t modify anything.

Thanks for the notes, this should be useful for anyone solving the puzzle in the future.
If there is still any problem, please tell me.

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