[Community Puzzle] Vindinium


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My approach: Find the closest unclaimed mine and claim it.


Can I rely on path-finding algorithm for MOVE X Y command?

I am not so familiar with Java and the SDK, I can’t find source code location for path-finding in the source

Is it this function findTarget


Yes, it is findTarget, which uses findDistance for a breadth first search.

The hero will choose a shortest path to reach the target.
In the case, that the target is unreachable (e.g. a mine is considered unreachable, as you can’t enter that cell), it finds a cell as close as possible to the target. If there are several closest fields, the hero will take the closest to him among those.

So the pathfinding finds a shortest path, but completely ignores enemies that might block it. If you want to fight for the top, only use MOVE on direct neighbors of your current cell, otherwise you should be fine with MOVE.