[Community Puzzle] Walk on a Die

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Created by @tuna_in_cream,validated by @java_coffee_cup,@anon79121980 and @The_Ghost.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

Backwards is confusing, I first thought that the player really moves backwards… but in fact, he turns round (180°) then he moves forwards. Same for turning on the right; I first thought that the player strafes (as in Doom) but he first turns (90°) on the right, then moves forwards.

@nicola Indeed, the statement mentions:

Left and right turns, and moving backward also change your orientation.

All tests ok, but validators 5,6, 8 no.
I hate that.
I read it again, but no mistake.
Any idea ?

For the die in test 5, what does your code output if the sequence of steps is (instead of LL):


Thanks for your help :
BB : doesn’t seems to be a real sequence :sweat_smile:
DD : 4
FF : 3
RR : 3
UU : 3

Haha, sorry I should have typed LL, RR, UU, DD only :stuck_out_tongue:

Back to your answers: should RR give 5 instead?

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did you find the problem because i’m getting an error on half of the validators.
any advice?