[Community Puzzle] Word Search for Programmers

thanks for your support, it allowed me to find a slight bug always nice to improve with nice support!


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This was excellent, and Iā€™m glad that you created this opportunity for me! Thank you!

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Piling on, @Lisa-Has-Ideas , I always like finding a new one of your puzzles. They are usually pretty easy to work through but almost always have a challenge or two. And your test cases are always amusing. Keep up the great work!

Per the instructions, there is a similar medium puzzle called Hidden Word that I had already solved a while back. I took the same exact code, and just had to change the inputs and the outputs to conform to the directions. So if you solve this puzzle and have not yet solved the Hidden Word puzzle in the medium puzzles, you should be able to use your solution here as an excellent starting point.

And since I had solved the Medium puzzle more than a few years ago, I got to go through my old code and curse myself out for some of my previous poor practices. :wink: :upside_down_face:

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