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Created by @Lisa-Has-Ideas,validated by @_O-MEGA,@Ali-Kanbar and @Saphir123.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

as usual Lisa you have some of the most satisfying puzzles to solve

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Ah, thank you!! That made my day.

agreed, great puzzle. the diagonals really made me work! still need to get better at the 8-direction problems.

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Nice idea. It’s funny.

It should be specified if words can be found multiple times, and if words having only 1 letter are possible.

I am pretty new at python and programming I can not solve this puzzle please help me and explain to me

Please don’t spam post messages. Also, please describe what code you have written so far, and what problems you face.

In addition, if you can’t solve this puzzle at your current level, maybe you can try practising and solving other puzzles first, and coming back to this one later.

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Sorry for the spam messages, I just can solve this I write down many line of code but none of them works and I dont know how to solve it, I look on the Google but nothing to help me. I just want to study the solution

Please describe your approach, and what do you mean by “none of them works”. Is there an error message or what? You may PM me your code to have a look if you want to.

You can’t just ask for a solution directly.

Ok I will show you
me code I was ashmed because I think its pretty bad but I will show you.

Can I show my code here ?

I’ve sent you a PM. You may continue from there.

Where can I check this ?

At the upper right corner of the website, to the far right of the magnifying glass button.

I was looking but I can not find it, would you send my again ?

I’ve replied by PM.

Hi Erik -
Thanks for playing my puzzle.

Generally, when you post in Discussions, you want to be as specific as possible, in terms of what the problem is. You’ll be more likely to get a response.

Maybe you need to skip this puzzle for now, and come back to it after you have more experience. It’s definitely not the easiest puzzle on Codingame.

My general advice (for any programmer) is write out the pseudo-code.
Answer this: How would you solve this in a world where computers didn’t exist but you have a helper who is tireless and will do any simple tasks you give him as many times as you want?
Then go from that to code it.

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This was a fun one.
Halfway through my coding I was starting to live in indent-land; so a small refactor happened and I’m way more happy with what came out of it now.

I was able to build a code which passes all the tests but validators 2 and 6 are still stopping me.
I have no clue of the difference to the tests thus I’m quite stuck.
Could you please share (in PM if prefered) to me the specific points in these if there are that I can debug ?
thank you!

Hi JRL – I just messaged you. (Thanks for playing my puzzle)

In the Simpsons test case Bart, Patty, Homer can be found with a different pattern, the description does not say anything about the order of letter searching

Edit: Ok understood the matching should be done only one direction per word