[Community Puzzle] Wordle colorizer

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Created by @nicof6786,validated by @_O-MEGA,@csKingBabar and @xaav.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

Is it possible to have more explanations about the case where the same letter is repeated in attempt ? I can’t understand what to do in this case :frowning:

BONGO is the chosen word, the attempts are:
OOOOO → X#XX# because there are only two O’s
NNOGO → OXO## because there is only one N

Nice ! Thanks for your help !

Thank you for creating this code exercise that is both somewhat easy, and doesn’t have any hidden extraneous conditions on it! Excellent job, and I enjoyed solving this (or rather I enjoyed when my solution worked against all the test cases and validator :laughing:) :smile: