[Community Puzzle] Yavalath


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Created by @anon79586729,validated by @Silmaen,@tropios and @tomeko.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

Is anyone else trying MCTS with this one? The performance is a bit underwhelming, especially against players with hard coded opening moves.
Any ideas for improvement (besides more simulations)?

Awesome description of the puzzle @anon79586729.
Very detailed and lots of images. :+1:


Agreed. All puzzles should be like that.

Thanks @Marchete and @ggrn for the feedback, I added the images to keep the rules simple to understand.
If anyone sees anything they would like to see changed, feel free to suggest it.

There seems to be a minor bug in the input’s statement. When I play player 2, ‘my_id’ is ‘2’ though in the grid’s input, my id is ‘1’. So for beginners like me, this should be confusing :slight_smile:

Too bad the creator deleted his account and it will never ever be fixed ~

the statement is as follows :

First line: count: the number of rows on hex grid.
Next count lines: characters representing one line of your grid, top to bottom. (0: empty, 1: yours, 2: opponent).

So the input statement is consistent with what you’re getting !