[Community Puzzle] "You are the Father": Maury Povich Style

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Created by @Lisa-Has-Ideas,validated by @aflorido,@_yel_p and @Rafarafa.
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In some cases, according to the statement there can be more than 1 father.

For example as follows:
{ name: ‘Rhodes’, pair1: ‘hD’, pair2: ‘Ba’ }
{ name: ‘Tate’, pair1: ‘aD’, pair2: ‘BM’ }

{ name: ‘Mother Taylor’, pair1: ‘:3’, pair2: ‘Ko’ }
{ name: ‘Child Camila’, pair1: ‘D3’, pair2: ‘KB’ }

Thanks for playing my puzzle

I think maybe you’re assuming that all the cases are ones where the number of chromosome pairs is only 2

But that’s only true in the very simple example that I give in the description.

For test cases, you have to check EVERY provided chromosome pair for a match, not just the first 2 pairs

I hope that helps :smiley_cat:

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