Community puzzles and range of values as solutions

Hey !

I am really interested in adding a few “scientific computation” community puzzles to the website. The problem is that often the order of the operations will slightly change the result of the computations and that we can’t expect a very precise result, except if we precisely state the order of every operation to the player.

There are two solutions : either rounding the expected result, and praying for robustness, or having the possibility of defining a range of values as a result for the judge.

Would it be possible to add such a feature to the judge ? I’m pretty sure I would not be the only one who would profit from such a feature :slight_smile:


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Slightly tangential to the topic: there is a whole lot of puzzles who work only if you assume that data is printed as a certain language prints it. That is, printing a floating point value doesn’t always output the same number of decimal places. Example: print 3.0 will result in 3, print 3.1 will result in 3.1, print 3.14 will result in 3.14. My beef is that most other languages who are not this blessed one then need to go through various hops and curses to mimic this output behavior.

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