Community Puzzles - Do we get points?

Hello everyone!

I completed a community puzzle a couple of weeks ago. Upon completion, I noticed my score didn’t change.

Looking through the blog posts, I saw a couple of people mentioning CP while discussing community puzzles.

My Question: Are we supposed to receive CP for completing community puzzles?

Community puzzles. Community puzzles. Community puzzles.



No we don’t, it’s just for fun and practice.
That would be a nice addition though.

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Yes, and it would be a nice idea if the number of points depends on the number of CGers that solved it.


Our system of achievements doesn’t allow us to have one achievement per community puzzle, however we could give some achievements for having solved N community puzzles. We will discuss this idea tomorrow and keep you informed.


We’d like your point of view:

Let’s say we add multiple achievements for having solved 1/5/25/50/100 community puzzles (just an example, the exact values can be debated), how many CodinPoints should be awarded for each achievement?

(In the future we’ll add a system to give CP for each puzzle but I can’t tell you when…)


I like the idea of multiple achievements! You don’t want to reward a fixed number of CP for each puzzle because they all have different difficulty levels. Unless you can somehow evaluate the exact difficulty of each puzzle, you’ll have to use another approach.

I would suggest using the same approach as the “Piece of Cake” --> “Let’s Rock” --> etc. Those awards give the users a feeling of progress and reward. So, as Maxime suggested, award CP for 1/5/25/50/100/etc. puzzles completed and have the number of CP scale up with each achievement.

For example (my numbers are to illustrate):

First puzzle: 25 pts
5 puzzles: 100 pts
10 puzzles: 200 pts
25 puzzles: 300 pts
50 puzzles: 400 pts

I think we would see a surge of people tackling the community puzzles. You could also occasionally add bonus points for completing a puzzle that you, the admin, found particularly interesting and unique.

This would be a lot of fun! And it adds further incentive for people to keep using the website, even after having completed all the puzzles.


I’m noticing a fair amount of the design around the delivery of CP is based upon some kind of economy that would continue to have CP hold a certain amount of value. Which is good, to avoid scaring away the newer users–and adds a new challenge for long standing users.

Perhaps have it so that only a certain amount of community puzzles can affect your CP increases. Much like how only three contests and three multiplayer bots affect your CP increases.

Maybe have is so that your solution is tracked based upon: how many people solved using that langauge, how many people solved the puzzle total–and then have that rebalanced by the puzzles difficulty. With only the three or five puzzles that give the most CP actually counting?

This would encourage attempts to use new languages, solve puzzles that haven’t been solved (or to solve puzzles in languages not tried yet–or to revisit puzzles when new languages are added). As well as try different difficulty levels. As if the Piece of Cake puzzles don’t give much points, people aren’t as inclined to solve on those–and there will be less people trying to solve them–meaning the point balance is reduced in its effects. Then add doing them in some language that only the criminally insane would use–such as BASH (only because you’ve not added Intercal as an option yet… darn it!)… and boom, you’ve made an addition to the metagame that actually works nicely.

You know–rather than that whole Final Destination, No Items, Fox Only crap that CoC has kind of turned into.

But then… I feel like I am the only person here who understands game meta-game concepts (and designs that take the meta-game into account) at times… or even acknowledges that Codingame even has a Meta-Game to it.