[Community puzzles] Increase input size

Would it be possible to increase the maximum input size?

Many of the community puzzles are brute-forceable for bad reasons, i.e. it’s either impossible or very inconvenient to push the expected algorithms far enough along the asymptotes.

Latest to date: the Beautiful sequence, but really, most any interesting puzzle in the approved list is in that case.

Chat discussion with CG staff last month ended up in them saying “we increased the limit, but there’s a backend change you might have to wait until Monday.” I feel we’re way past that. (Or did they update the backend and omit to remove the restriction in the text inputs in the UI?)

(mentioned before but it was hard to search for, so I’m creating an actual thread this time)

Exactly :D. I thought that somebody else in the team did it but apparently not. The input limit will be raised to 10KB soon.


We’ve released the modification.


So from now, we can have real tests in puzzles? :smiley: