Community regular events - let's discuss it on Discord

Currently, the two main CodinGame events are the yearly Spring and Fall challenges.

On top of these, we’d like to have multiple smaller events inside the community throughout the year, ideally organized by both CG and community people.

Over the years, we’ve had a few:

@G-Rom and I already brainstormed a few ideas but we’d like to discuss this topic with you to understand:

  • what you enjoy during these events
  • what formats you would prefer

Would you some of you be ok to discuss this next 2021-01-13T14:00:00Z on our Discord #general channel?

Everyone is welcomed but in particular, we’d like to get the opinions of:

I know the time might be an impediment to some, but the discussion will remain accessible in Discord’s history and could be continued long after the time of this meeting. For those who’re not fond of Discord, sorry! Feel free to share your thoughts below.


Adding @Ramdeath to the list of teachers.

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My english oral accent is blasphemous but I will try to be here.

we thought about having the discussion on a classic chat, not a vocal one. Better for people joining after.

Oh. Well, at least I won’t hurt your ears … :smiley:

Thanks for the invite. Strangely enough, tomorrow I am not working from home. Students have exams and I have to make sure they don’t cheat.

I’ll try to make it. I think I have just enough time when I get off work.

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Thanks for the ping Thibaud, otherwise I would miss it.
I got nasty deadlines currently, but I’ll definitely show up.

Voice would be definitely more live, and probably more efficient, but yeah, I understand the need of revisiting the talk. But then maybe it is better to create separate channel for this? In general it may be faster ‘overwritten’ by some actual talks.


depending on the nb of people involved, vocal chat might be impossible, but we might try in the future.

Since there is not that much activity these times in Discord, we’ll stick to #general we might have a few curious people joining.

Start of the discussion:

Feel free to join

How about a summary, now the action has settled down?

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A lot has been written, on multiple topics. We opened the discussion with a large scope, on purpose, to allow open feedback. We’re sorry that it created a few mixed signals.

Nothing is set in stone. We’re brainstorming internally and with the community to evaluate our best options.

Here’s a recap:

  • A lot of core members of the platform are competitors at heart, believe our regular competitive challenges are what makes CodinGame great and would like us to organize more of them.
  • According to our metrics, the learning and social aspects of our events are more powerful than the competitive aspect so we’re trying to develop the formers and tune down the latter to attract and retain more players.
  • Some members would like a better knowledge of what activity to do next (because it’s popular/hot for example). However, due to the large traffic that CG has, the most played games are the first easy puzzles.
  • We’d like to organize more regular events in the community but the current “community contest” format is not working for multiple reasons. Thus, we’d like to try a different format, closest to the Puzzle of the Week format, and with different types of games (puzzles, opti, multi, Clash…).
  • This new format would be advertised on the home page and would have its dedicated page. It would allow us to put a better spotlight than today on some of the newly validated community contributions.