Competitive Programming vs Software Engineering

Ive been competitive programming for 3 and a half years and i was wondering is this the best way to get a job as a software engineer been actively looking for a while and would like some advise good or bad thank you.

I can’t talk for every one, but i’m a in sofware engineering (web technologies mostly) and i see some people looking for a job at my job. When i look at the CV (or during the meeting), i want to see if he has the “flame”. The passion for programming. If someone put in his CV his ranks at some hackaton or show that he’s active on codingame, he clearly has this flame.

And for personal improvements, codingame made me stronger. I code faster, think faster, and it really help me during my work.


I agree this site has helped me be creative and think outside the norm when it comes to coding also it means alot coming from the leader of this site. In my job search it seems like the work world doesnt like competitive programmers im not sure why.

Thank you.

That’s because if you are only a competitive programmer, you are useless. It means you probably don’t know how to use any framework. You don’t know recents technologies and standards. You are not aware of any “state of art” in your language.

A competitive programmer code alone. Teamwork is not needed. Frameworks are not needed. You just need knowlegdes of the language itself, a fast mind, many algorithms useless for software programming and a sh*t amount of work.

For a software programmer post, you’ll need many more things than that. I can’t say if the competitive programming is harder than software programming. But it’s clearly different.

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A very solid constructive opinion from our leader i here you its been very difficult to find a job in software in todays market since December of 2015. I originally thought if i joined a community and code on multiple sites against others it would help me problem solve a little faster and think better.

I respect your opinion everyone is different i just have very little experience and only coding since early 2013. I see that employers have close to impossible expectations especially for entry level roles 5-10 years its rediculous.

I do feel useless every day but i do feel better when code a problem and solve it. Its reality i know i figured i might have to go back to get my masters in software even then there is no guarantee for a job.

Thank you for your advise.