Congrats to ClassBC, best french dev 2016!

You won the “Meilleur Dev de France 2016” contest and I had the pleasure to meet you there and have a little speed run to the subway with you :slight_smile: It was cool to contest with you and the others. But beware, I’ll crush you next time friend! :slightly_smiling: First I’ll try to overcome you in the global ladder… sorry for the people in between… I’m coming :slight_smile: /mode burningcontestfire off … well cheers to all the contestants! I hope the codingame top 100 will be there to take it on! Hugs and kisses buddies!

And by the way the isograd system… doesn’t compare even to a finger of codingame environment. Try to be next next Meilleur Dev de France partner codingame! It’s a pain to code in isograd system… plus the UI is really bad.

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I can relate, I’ve done the 2014 edition, it was awful :slight_smile:

:tada: Congratulations!!! :tada: