Console output doesn't work

Hi everyone,

i’m returned to code on this fantastic website after few months. But this time my console output doesn’t work. I tried execute the text cases but the whole console output section is empty and doesn’t print the debug lines (neither everything else!). I tried deactivate the ad-blocker, clean cache and cookies, used incognito mode. Currently i’m using python3 but i tried other languages and the problem remain. I even changed over few games like “Power of Thor” and “The spoon doesn’t exists”. Someone that faced the same problem could help me?
Thanks everyone

you should flush the error stream. Reference:

Thank you for the answer but i had already put “flush = true” in the debug print as mentioned in the commented section.

Write an action using print

To debug: print(“Debug messages…”, file=sys.stderr, flush=True)

I solved the problem by changing browser. I was working on Chrome, with Firefox or Safari it works well.