[Contest] Green Circle

Hello everyOne :slight_smile:

I have an exeption that I’m dont understand, maybe I didnot well understood the rules :frowning:

When i launch a play TASK_PRIORITIZATION on the card N°5, I systematically get an exeption wich tells me that I dont have any card n°5… but if you look in my hand you’ll see that i HAVE the “missing” card, and if you look the list in the debug console (a simple printing off all possibles moves which are proposed to me), you’ll see that i’m just asking a task which is supposed to be possible…

we could think that it is due to the fact that the replacing card is identical to the card to replace, but in fact i have the same problem with cards (5, 2) or (5, 3) for example…

Could someone have some ideas about that ?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It’s a bug that is already fixed on the source code. We’re fixing another bug and then we’ll be able to deploy the fix and the issue will disappear.
Sorry for the inconveniance


thank you :wink:

Nice, it’s a great news for me !

thank you very much for your work ! :wink:

I’ve updated the challenge with the changes @_SG_Sebastien pushed. Thank you Seb @Illedan and all players who helped
Enjoy your weekend!


No more infinite loop: the played cards are put aside. They only arrive in the discard pile at the end of the turn. You can have the information on the discard pile tooltip and in the input (new card location PLAYED_CARDS)
New Applications tooltip on the top red desk
Tooltips on each draw pile to know how many cards are left


There is an error when I output “RELEASE xx” that says there are not enough cards even if I have enough cards.

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Thought I was having this issue, but forgot that you can’t release the 5th app using debt

When can we expect fix for the training (not sure about coding) not allowing another play_card?
(another pending issue mentioned by Siman, that admin-desk throw only steals a single bonus card is less important - as being beneficial)

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Oh I forgot those :frowning:
Do you have a replay for the training bug? I wasn’t able to find the root cause yet.
I’ll fix the admin desk bug, but we will wait to have the 2 fixes (and CG green light) before releasing the fixes

Indeed, I fixed it in the source code, but it is not yet deployed.

Expect the unexpected - seeed recovery a thing here?

Well , in fact , I couldn’t enter it. :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:

It seems it was reported here: [Contest] Green Circle - #10 by ValGrowth

Hi everyone!
Is there a var from where we can check the remaining cards on each desk?


I believe there is a viewer bug where bonus cards in your hand are sometimes invisible. In this replay, on turn 38 I use TRAINING and draw two cards. One of them is a TECHNICAL_DEBT and one is a BONUS. But the BONUS card is invisible so it looks like after the TRAINING I only have 3 cards in my hand, when really I have 4. I’ve seen this invisible-BONUS bug several times now.

(Turn 38 of this game also demonstrates the bug where after TRAINING I can’t play another card even though I should be able to).

This may be just a viewer bug. The TRAINING bug (not allowing to play another card sometimes) has been reported above and happens even when you have visible cards in hand that should be playable.

Another example replay where this happens (TRAINING works correctly on turns 70, 92 and 116, but skips to RELEASE on turn 101): Coding Games and Programming Challenges to Code Better

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With skill DAILY_ROUTINE active, you can stay on your current location or move outside the valid range of (0…7) by using the MOVE <zoneId> <cardTypeToTake> action.
In GreenCircle/CommandManager.java at bedd6971947fbb435f3b088d66edcb6ca62ea6eb · societe-generale/GreenCircle · GitHub zoneToMoveId and zoneToTakeCardId must be validated correctly.


It is not in your inputs. You have it in the tooltips in the viewer.
For your bot to have the information, you need to compute it (there are 5 cards per desk so it is 5-cards for the opponent - cards for you in hand, draw, discard and played_cards)

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Hello, thanks for this unexpected contest.
I don’t know if it has already been reported, but there seems to be a bug :

At the end i should have given 2 bonus cards (as the log says) but i only gave one.

wala must move
wala has in hand: TECHNICAL_DEBT (9), BONUS (8), BONUS (8), BONUS (8)
wala stopped for administrative tasks and must throw 2 competence cards
wala threw away a BONUS (8)
wala threw away a BONUS (8)
wala has moved to CONTINUOUS_INTEGRATION (5) desk