[Contest] Green Circle

Does someone knows the planning of the releasing next leagues ?

The silver league opens tomorrow

I think skipping playing cards phase is related to this line.

I ran the game offline and there is some cases where the player plays left is still 0 after adding one more play, instead of adding 1 more play I think the plays should be set to 1 to prevent the bug.
Credits to MSmits for spotting it.

Edit: I don’t think the fix I described will work.

I just added a lot of logs in the game summary to identify this issue (with no luck for now).
You can try to get the latest version and run it offline.

In the meantime, I’ll look at this line again

private void startPlayCardPhase(Player player) {
gamePhase = GamePhase.PLAY_CARD;
if (player.getPlaysLeft() <= 0) {
Object x = null;

MultiplayerGameRunner gameRunner = new MultiplayerGameRunner();
gameRunner.addAgent(RandomAgent.class, “Blue Bug”);
gameRunner.addAgent(RandomAgent.class, “Orange Bug”);

This is the only stuff I changed. The 2nd is for SkeletonMain.

So it means that we had a negative amount of playsLeft :worried:
To be sure, I changed it to setPlaysLeft(1)


Ok, all known bugs are fixed. I’m waiting for CodinGame to release the new version


Not really a bug, but I think we are missing an important information in the inputs: the number of competence cards in each zone. I initially though that I could keep track of them (5 at the beginning, one less each time you or your opponent go in the zone) but with the fact that you can take competence in adjacent zones with DAILY_ROUTINE it seems to make this tracking impossible if the opponent go through administrative desk. Say before going through the desk, they have a bonus (8), training (0) and coding (1). They give bonus + training and land to coding zone but take a training competence. If I keep track of the difference of card, I will see just a bonus missing. But I have no idea if a training card or a coding card was taken from the zone because this depends of which card was given to the administrative desk.
Am I wrong ? (please, tell me I am wrong)

OK, I auto-reply to my own message. The cards given to the administrative desk are not destroyed. They come back to their respective zones (including the bonus I guess even if they have no zone). So you can keep track. Thank to I_love_CoC for his explanations (and patience). And sorry for the inconvenience.

Seems after DailyRoutine you can stay at 1 place.
For example MOVE 2 2 for infinity.
Of course that does not make sense, but not having to move in certain cases could be OP. But definitely against rules.

Can someone double check pls?


To make this calculation properly, we also have to separately account for cards that are currently being used as “permanent skills” and potentially the cards that have been automated using CI cards - haven’t gotten around to testing that part yet, but it took me forever to track down the “permanent skill” issue that was making my bot miscount. A lot of special cases to handle.

Yes, this bug was confirmed yesterday. It is fixed in the source code and waiting to be released

indeed. You need to do

  • mu hand
    -my draw
    -my discard
    -my played cards
    -my automated
    -my permanent skills
    -opponent deck
    -opponent automated
    -opponent permanent skills

Changes have been pushed to the challenge.

This update fixes all known bugs:
The combination WAIT - CODING or WAIT - TRAINING now works fine: you will not lose plays anymore
You cannot stay in the same desk with Daily Routine (inputs ar enow validated also for this action)
In admin desk, if you only have one type of card (more than 2), you now automatically lose 2 cards instead of 1

And you also have a bit more information:
The release tooltip contains the released application details
You have more information in the game summary (details of drawn cards, number of cards you can still play…)


Referee doesn’t give in possible moves TASK_PRIORITIZATION x 8, only up to 7, yet they still can be played. Are they illegal, or referee just doesn’t give them?

Referee doesn’t give them, sorry

Could you, please, clarify that we can not differentiate between opponent’s cards from discard and draw piles? Seems strange to me.

Indeed, you cannot differenciate them.
When you play this kind of game in real life, you can count your cards to know what is in your draw and discard. But you don’t know the opponent’s hand, so you cannot deduce their draw and discard


Gold bots are all crashing. Ranking is random. Description is in French. Please fix.