Contribution moderation buttons not found

On the homepage, I’m requested to moderate a contribution (if I remember well, you can do that after more than 50 participations to Clash of Code).

But in the community page, I can only upvote/downvote a contribution, so I’m stuck in the progression in the contribution path. I don’t find any approve/reject button. Is it normal?

Most of the Clash of Code I did were private, is it the explanation?

(You may answer in French, I’m French)

Have you already unlocked the achievement for 50 clashes played?
When I look at your profile, you haven’t:

Maybe private clashes are not counted.

Two other points to check :

  • First : are you sure the contributions you looked were clash and not puzzle ?
  • Second : are these contributions in WIP status ? in this state , no moderation

Thanks @dwarfie. I forgot to mention that.
That’s a contribution you should be able to moderate, if you have played 50 clashes:

EDIT: This contribution has been accepted and isn’t open for moderation any more.

On the homepage, I unlocked the cell after having completed 50 clashes, so I assume they also counted the private clashes (I did many of them in may)

I didn’t check that before, but I just retried with a clash not in WIP, I don’t have approval buttons.

I can’t. So I think there is a bug: I assume you can moderate after 50 public clashes, but the cell on the homepage is unlocked after 50 clashes including private clashes.

If the rules for moderation stay like that, then the cell should be locked on my homepage.

Are you sure, that the unlocked achievement on your profile is for 50 and not for 25 clashes?
When I look at your profile it’s for 25 and I don’t see any reason why I should see something different than you.
Could you send an image of the cell for 50 clashes on your profile?

I’d say that’s it. Look at your profile in the CoC leaderboard:

This is in French, but you can see “50/50” on the progress bar of “Play 50 Clashes”.

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Definitely a bug on our side. Thank you for reporting it @vpoulailleau and thank you @ItsAFeature @dwarfie and @JBM for helping.

The unlocking of moderation rights should follow the quest map.

This is still the case for me.

I can’t upload images, apparently I am new here, so I put some screenshots on Imgur: The magic of the Internet to help you reproduce this.

So the quest map shows that 50 clashes have been played. Yet, the leaderboard shows that the number of clashes played is 26.

This is indeed a bug. I thought this was fixed but it seems there is still a misunderstanding on how it should work. I’ll check internally. Thanks for reporting

Wouldn’t these numbers make sense if we assume the clash count in the leaderboard counts only public clashes?

I will investigate why the numbers aren’t all the same