Contributions enhancements


Here are some enhancements that I thought of when I contribute/help contribution.
I also found this 1-year-old topic which deals with contribution sorting.
This other 1-year-old topic deals with interactive puzzles.

For a contributor:

  • When writing a draft, the formatting is not applied. You have to submit it as non-draft before you see the formating.
  • It's strange to have the button to test it in an IDE only on edition mode (well, it can make sense, but it's different from when the puzzle is submitted).
  • The contribution guidelines are outdated.
  • Monospace strings leads to a block. It is not possible to have it inlined.
  • Allow more than 1000 characters in the output. (The limit is 10000 for the input)
  • Allow URLs (but I understand it may be dangerous)
  • For the stub generator:
    • Allow writing constants (numbers, texts, maybe maps or lists)
    • (I found something that made sense but was not accepted, but I can't find it anymore)

For a moderator:

  • Pending puzzles list page:
    • See if you have already approved (green ✓) or refused (red ✗) a puzzle so that you know you don't need to come back.
    • Have a mark telling how much approvals/refusals have been done.
    • Separate CoC from CP puzzles.
  • In a puzzle page:

    • Have a better indication of the type of the puzzle. The only way currently is a faint gray text over a gray background, at the top, hidden as soon as you descend in the comments, an the section "Game mode" which is present or not.
  • In a puzzle IDE:

    • If it is a CoC, allow switching to "Reverse" mode. Activating the Test cases in a modal window is not easy.
    • It would be good to test the tests first, then the validators. This would allow testing if a validator covers something the test cases don't.

Yeah, I know it's Christmas soon :slight_smile: :evergreen_tree: :gift:


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