Contributors Hall of Fame

CG would not be the same without the community contributors. Actually, almost 90% of the solo puzzles and half of the multis are contributed by the community. New Clash of Code puzzles are contributed on a daily basis.

To applaud their efforts, here is a list of the top users, who contributed the most number of (accepted) puzzles.
Note: This is NOT a competition, so I would call it Hall of Fame, instead of a leaderboard…)

Besides the quantity, the quality is also important for our well-being, so here are the users who received the best average user feedback for their contributions:

Look for the puzzles of these authors, if you want the best!

(Note: List is limited only to users with at least 3 contributions. I don’t have API access to CoC feedback stars, so CoC puzzles are excluded. Upvotes count is not a reliable measurement of puzzle quality, because it strongly depends on how much time the puzzle spent waiting for acceptance votes, so I did not consider this metric.)