Could/Should code sharing be the default?

I play a lot Clash of Code and one thing that frustrates me a lot is when I lose and I can’t learn from that loss. Let me explain: often after finishing a challenge and another player has finished before I’d love to see their code but most players simply don’t share their code. Now I understand some people may not want to share their code but it’s likely that people just forget, therefore I was wondering if Code sharing could become a “opt-out” option instead of one where you actively have to opt-in to do so. Would this be possible and are there any problems that would arise from such a system that I didn’t think? Please write below, I’d love to hear your opinion.

P.S.: Wasn’t sure whether to place this post in ‘Platform Evolution’ or ‘Feedback & Bugs’ so I placed it in ‘Platform Evolution’ for now

I would argue with that.

Btw, how would you expect this to work? Global setting “Share my CoC code by default” may be ok, but if I’ll need to press “Unpublish” button after each game then I vote against.


I imagine it working as follows: If you didn’t specify anything in your settings the default is that your CoC is shared and you can click unpublish, but you can specify in the settings if you don’t want to auto share.

MrClottom: I see several reasons why people don’t want to published their code after a CoC.

That being said, if you explain what you have done and ask for advice (and even code) in the chat room dedicated to a CoC, some of the best players will answer.

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