Create a private group to compete with friends

Hi all,
I joined Codingame some weeks ago and had a lot of fun completing some games.
didn’t compete yet since I like the zen way of the ‘practice’ modality.

I would like to involve the colleagues of my office and create a sort of group where all of us can solve games on our own, getting a score and so having a rank between us.

Is it possible to do it within CodinGame?

Thanks in advance,

If you are talking about multiplayers, I see two ways:

  1. Follow your colleagues and just filter the leaderboard by those you follow, don’t care about the rest.
  2. For the newer games (starting 2018) you can download them from github (the link will be given in the game description) and reupload them as a private contribution. Then only you and those who get the URL have access to the arena.
    That also allows you to play with simplified rules (wood league rules). You can even modify the code or create a completely new game if you want.
    On the downside: the ranking will be less reliable in these test arenas, as it’s mostly about testing the game itself, not the bots.