Customization script (incl. a black IDE)

I created a script to customize CodinGame. I’m working on it when something disturb me and that I have the time to work on it, so I’ll maintain the code but I don’t know if there’ll be new things in it soon.

The code is under the following license:

Current customization (click on a line to see a preview)

Firefox: download greasemonkey
Chrome: download tampermonkey

Then you can get the script from greasyfork, by clicking on “Install this script” on the following link:

This script is not made by the CodinGame team, so it can broke after any update made by them.


My eyes thanks you a million times!

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:astonished: AWESOME !!!
Thank you very much !!!

We’re working on the IDE, we’ll keep you informed next week.

After reading the description of GM_addStyle(), I think you may want to avoid using multiple calls to that functions and instead use a single call with a multi-line string, to improve performance.

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I kinda saw it when I went on the style editor and saw multiple stylesheet, but I didn’t saw any performance issue so I supposed it was not much.

I updated the script to concatenate strings in a variable and add all the the styles at once.
By default browsers update scripts once a day. If you do not want to wait, you can ask greasemonkey/tampermonkey to look for updates or re-install the script (it will just update the script).

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The script has just been updated to avoid conflicts with the modifications that done by the CG team today. I commented the line telling the script to modify the style of the IDE.

I still think there are few things lacking in the official black theme like the red button “view hints” that is too flashy in some statements (I saw it for the OnBoarding and cg sponsored contest) , the in/out examples that are in a white background or written in white on a white background (Indiana), or the popup which chose the content of the test case that is still white.

So i’ll soon make few modifications to the new theme to fit my tastes.

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It’s just an experiment, it may change in the next days.

Should be fixed in 30 minutes approximately.

We decided not to change it. But this can change if the majority think we should change it.

In my case, that’s mainly about what I like and how I want it to be. If you find some idea in it, then that’s great. If not, I’ll still be glad to custom the site for myself and those who like it that way, that’s the main purpose of this script after all :stuck_out_tongue: