Dart tutorial framework code is not null safe

So anyone hoping to learn more about Dart through this site won’t even make it through the tutorial.

I’m not sure if there’s a better route to report such issues…

could you please elaborate?

Hi Thibaud, there is a problem with the template code that is provided (ie on the right side of the page) for the user to paste in their answer. It hasn’t been updated to work with the current version of the Dart complier that the site uses, so unless the user knows how to fix that problem, their submissions won’t compile. The other code challenges that I’ve tried seem okay, so there’s obviously someone at the site who has updated the templates, but they must have missed this one.

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I see now. It already failed a few months ago, and it was supposedly fixed :thinking:
Thanks for reporting the issue

Haha, fingers crossed that it gets sorted this time! Thanks for the quick replies.