Database disk crash - lost of data

We are sorry to announce that we had a major disk failure on our production system that has lead to some data loss.

We had to restore the database from a backup created on Friday 2014, oct. 10, 10:30 UTC (Friday 2014, oct. 10, 4:30 EDT). But all progressions between this date and Monday 2014, oct. 13, 18:00 UTC (Monday 2014, oct. 13, 12:00 EDT) will be definitely lost. It also means that all achievements unlocked, or codes written during this period are lost too.

Our technical team is ready to answer to your emails at and if you think that you have unlocked some achievements during the week end, we will try to do our best to cross check it with our logs and will credit you the lost achievements.

We have already put in place technical measures to prevent this from ever happening again.

Again, We are really sorry about what happened and we hope you will still enjoy coding on CodinGame.


Hé les gars, vous avez qu’à mettre ça sur le compte des inondations, avant de tout passer en RAID 5 et archive log :wink: Bon courage. Je vais aller resoumettre…

I don’t know if this is connected somehow, but, as I had some issue with the ASCII problem, I tried to load “ASCII art puzzle discussion” topic and I got some “Topic failed to load
Sorry, we couldn’t load that topic, possibly due to a connection problem. Please try again. If the problem persists, let us know.”, which is weird because the rest of the forum works, as you may see.

Update: Here’s the link to the topic .

Thanks Vrexu,

We are going to check if there is no data loss over here too :cry:

Unfortunately it seems the forum wasn’t fully recovered. :frowning:

The Skynet: Chasm topic doesn’t exist anymore. Also, I’m almost sure some messages in the MIME Type topic were not recovered (though they were posted way before the backup).