Developing a Successful Hypersonic Agent :-)

Hello everyone,
recently we published a research paper describing our attempts (successful ^^) to develop a top tier Hypersonic bot.

Available on ArXiv for anyone interested: [2203.09608] Developing a Successful Bomberman Agent

We welcome all your comments, as we would like to make some dey an extended version for a TOG journal.

Cite as:
Kowalczyk, D.; Kowalski, J.; Obrzut, H.; Maras, M.; Kosakowski, S. and Miernik, R. (2022). Developing a Successful Bomberman Agent. In Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence - Volume 2, ISBN 978-989-758-547-0, ISSN 2184-433X, pages 335-344.
doi: SciTePress - Publication Details

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