Diff IDE vs Ladder


Sorry if it is already tackled… I only found this but it does not answer my question…

The fact is that I’m trying to debug my AI on Hypersonic. To do that, I use “Send to IDE”.
Here is the game in the ladder : https://www.codingame.com/replay/246752571
And here is the game when I send to the IDE : https://www.codingame.com/replay/246752720

First, we can see that the map is not the same (items): is it normal? I mean, the seed should include items doesn’t it?
What is strange is that when I push “play again with same conditions” button, I’ve got the same map (than the one in the IDE of course).

And then my bot (that has a fully determinist algorithm) have not the same behavior. But it may be because of the items though…

It’s quite annoying because I’m not able to update my code according to “what it happens in ladder”… :-/

I’d like to know if it’s desired by the dev or if they plan to change it or not…

Thanks !


Hello, no this behaviour wasn’t planned, sorry about that. I’ll look into as soon as I can.

However I do have a work-around for you :tada:

In the replay you showed, the Game Parameters are


Now if you open up the "expert" options panel in the IDE and replace the text by
(remove boxes line)
You will get the exact same item disposition.
The panel I'm talking about looks like this:
<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/c/5/c52303e430a0bf30f63af6fcdf577c9b19ff7a95.png" width="643" height="260">

This is due to an oversight of mine. When starting a new game, a seed is generated. Then this seed is used to generate a random number of boxes. If the number of boxes is already set in the input, the generation is skipped and therefore the rest of the randoms will all be different. This is something I can easily fix once I get round to it.

Hope that helped.

Great !!

Many thanks !