Disable all of your autocomplete with this simple script (Now on firefox)

I’ve played around with the editor embedded into codingame and found the best way to disable the autocompletion. By calling the method “monaco.languages.registerCompletionItemProvider” with no arguments before loading in a language, the editor breaks and fails to do any form of autocomplete.
The great thing about this solution is that it doesn’t just make the pop up invisible, unlike the css method, it completely disables it, thus not blocking your keypresses and saving 2ms in coc.
Here’s the userscript for tampermonkey for those that are interested:

Have fun coding and not getting popups.


Thanks, that’s gamechanger… :slight_smile:

It’s more of an annoyance thing, I’m sure you’ve ran into a problem once at least.

Btw, after testing, seems like it only works on Firefox

After tweaking some stuff, now it works on firefox too.

This script disables the other popup that appears if you start writing a function call and enter the parens