Discussions spaces update: the question of the chat

This is the worst. No more clash chat rooms? The baby has been thrown out with the bathwater. Moderation is unnecessary, dealing with anything is better than not having the chat at all. Discussing ongoing clashes with all the participants is why I’ve been an active user and I don’t have a reason to come back here anymore.


It’s very damaging not only to online communities, but also to individuals who are cyberbullied and suffer PTSD from transphobic, homophobic, racist and misogynistic hate speech. I am very proud of the codingame team they work hard to keep us all safe!

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None of that is important or worthwhile. Conquest’s three laws of politics are being proven right once again.


Did that happen on the CG chat?


nope. He’s new btw…

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Give me a break. Welcome to the internet – no, the world. If you aren’t capable of reading some rude remarks from a few trolls online without developing “PTSD”, then I don’t think there’s likely to be any environment in this world that is “safe” for you…


Why are you attacking me? I gave my praise to codingame and you people feel the need to harass me for nothing. Even questioning the abuse that actually happened, all while continuing to abuse the victim. You’re not helping anyone with your belligerent attitude.

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Well, I’d say that people with no (or in your case at time of posting 5) clash participations should really not comment on the actual contents or useability of clash chat, or applaud its deletion since you were not even in it. At the end, we can’t change the decision - there sure was an option to delete global and keep clash, but they decided to not do it, so those who stay will be stuck with no community at all - that’s not something to praise, and it surely is not “nothing”. I do understand why people who racked up thousands of clashes are sad, I also understand why they decided to nuke it considering how is the online space changing.

Still, I think quite objectively:

  • Reverse will be even more “meh”, because sometimes you just don’t get it and, surprisingly asking others is a way out if you didn’t want to just close the window (people always helped me if I asked and I helped others). This is impossible in discord - you can’t paste with formatting the solutions require, and people have no context./
  • In Golf, there will be no more catch-up games that push you to find better solutions since you know someone can do it in X
  • For fastest you’d have only forums to ask what the “hack” did someone actually use, and there is no guarantee the author would respond. Just days before chat went bust, I talked about python python iterations to someone from a challenge, good he could ask me the question becuase now he can’t anymore.

Anyway, what is done is done, I hope the game survives in this new form, since it was fun and it was CG that ignited my passion to get back to coding after decades of doing something completely else.


@comp0zr I have to disagree. If we can prevent rudeness, aggressive trolls and spammers in this community, we will. While many can live with occasional n-words or sex references in the chat, I’m convinced these hurt the community a great deal, as well as its growth, diversity and inclusivity.

That being said, I have under-estimated the impact of the chat removal for clashers. While it’s still possible to revert the chat removal update (server still exists), I don’t think CG will go for that.

I’ve been looking into the possible integration of a Discord widget into CG that would:

  • show visitors the community is alive and vibrant
  • allow clashers to meet and discuss in a dedicated channel

I know some players don’t like Discord. I’m sorry about that, but there won’t be a tool that please everyone. And as @k4ng0u highlighted, Discord brings many advantages to the table (configuration, history, code highlighting, images, file uploads, reactions, replies, threads, roles…)

As for the drawbacks k4ng0u mentioned:

  • CG-Discord usernames difference → it’s possible to change your Discord name per server. Not ideal, but can be highlighted in the onboarding/welcome message
  • Discord adoption. → Discord has evolved from a chat tool for gamers to a chat tool for communities. Many dev communities already live on Discord. Platform ones: CodeCademy, CodeWars, Scrimba… Dev streamer communities: Coding Garden, The Comfy Corner, Coding Train… Language communities: SpeakJS, humans of Julia…
  • Low activity → Discord suffered from the discussion being spread between the chat (historic and integrated, thus more active) and Discord.
  • Organisation of channels → We should aim for a balance between one channel for everything and a rigid and formal organisation. I’ve already reduced the nb of channels. #talk-about-anything-here can become the casual chat you’re used to

As I’m leaving the company soon, Loick and @_CG_MathisHammel will continue working on this.


Bring back IRC lol


I wouldn’t say my attitude is or was “belligerent”, and I most certainly was not “attacking” you. I was merely suggesting that perhaps those who develop “PTSD” (which I’d be willing to bet is generally a self-diagnosis devoid of any sort of clinical basis) over reading the remarks from a few internet trolls on a coding platform, then perhaps the deeper problem is with them and their inability to function in a society that doesn’t perpetually coddle them. The fact that you interpret my post as “harassing” is just further evidence of my original point. Do you not understand the types of problems that arise when any sort of pointed disagreement is automatically equated with harassment and abuse? These are strong accusations you’ve made against me, and they are entirely unwarranted.

We’ve seen it happen constantly in recent years – certain individuals in society today have apparently made it their life mission to construe absolutely anything that doesn’t perfectly align with their own worldview as “hate speech”, “abuse”, and the like, and the effects have been widespread and devastating. The familiar litany of “-phobics” and “-ists” you listed in your initial post are brazenly thrown about by such individuals, due to the power these words have to silence respectable people who don’t want or deserve to have scorn heaped upon them due to a difference of opinion.

Essentially, I agree with your main point that the CG team has done an excellent job maintaining this platform. But I generally take exception to the arbitrary insertion of words such as “racist”, “transphobic”, etc., into a discussion such as this without so much as a single example. These words have become so overused these days that I fear society at large is beginning to lose sight of what they actually mean, and I consider this fact to be so tragic (and dangerous) that I feel I simply must speak out when I see someone blatantly misusing them, especially on a platform that I love as much as this one. CodinGame and other similar websites have thankfully been among the few remaining bastions where hundreds of productive and interesting discussions take place daily without the performative offence-takers swooping in and derailing everything with vague accusations of racism and hate speech. And I think I speak for many other members here when I say that I’d prefer it stay this way.


I certainly didn’t intend to imply that these are good things, or that they should be allowed in the chat. I totally agree that deliberately hurtful rhetoric and gratuitous sexual talk has no place on a coding platform. But I will say that the vast majority of spam I personally encountered in the chat, annoying as it was, was fairly innocuous in the scheme of things (and I tend to spend quite a few hours on this website every week). If there was a massive influx of inflammatory spam and trolling occurring here, I can’t imagine how I would have missed it.

Anyway, I’m glad to hear you’re taking the community’s opinions on this matter to heart and considering some potential new ideas. I think the problem most of us have with using Discord as a replacement for the chat is that it simply can’t offer the same sort of direct integration with the site that many of us really came to love, especially when participating in things like Clash of Code. The educational benefit of being able to discuss the solutions was fantastic, and the convenience of having everyone involved in a given clash automatically being set up in a group chat is something that I’m fairly certain can’t be done with Discord. I’m not very familiar with Discord in general, but I’d imagine if people wanted to replicate this, they’d have to manually find every Clash participant on Discord and then start a new group chat every few minutes. At that point, I think most would rather not even bother.

In any case, your responses are always appreciated.


All I am asking for is no toxicity and my god, am i getting inundated.

I don’t see toxicity in the answers: I just see a debate.


I don’t like clashes anymore.


I tried around 30 clashes without chat to verify if I was just too vocal about the change and exaggerated or not. Now I can honestly say it is really not the same anymore.

CEO message put more insight into this decision and I am grateful for that, but at the end, clash really lost its appeal to me personally. In order to stay objective, it would be good to see if number of participation went up or down due to this change, if it goes up, then all power to the team and players.

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I’m so happy to see this post. I was confused as to why I couldn’t find it. I was afraid that I clicked something and cannot find it.

I’m happy that you are making tough decisions and facing the future!
Keep up the good work!

I was lucky enough to only have positive experiences with the chat, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to stay. Matchmaking with living people in Discord seems more possible than waiting for people to be online and able to respond to chat.

Hi everyone, the chat is back !
A member of the community worked hard to develop his own chat : https://cheloniangall.com/
Now, he also developed a script to integrate his chat on CG screens. See by yourself : Screenshot

You’re all welcome ! There is no private room for clashes but there are 2 rooms “World” and “Fr” and you can send a direct message to anyone.

Automaton2000 isn’t here yet but he’ll be back too in a not so far future. :wink:


Can someone help me understand how moving the chat to Discord helps in combating the trolls? Wouldn’t the trolls move to Discord and start trolling too?

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There are better moderation tools in Discord.