Display league bosses in the leaderboard


Being able to see the league-bosses in the leaderboard would be neat.
Also, what a great feature to give to an intern … :slight_smile:


The reason behind Neumann suggestion is most of our tools (cgstats, CGBenchmark, …) can’t work against bosses because we can’t see them in the leaderboard.

Not really, it’s just useful for seeing who’s about to pass/fail, and taunting :slight_smile:

And for CGBenchmark it’s not useful anyway since bosses don’t have proper agentId (there is agentId=-2 but it is your current league boss, or defaultAI if you’re already in the top league)

Oh. Ok.

But it would still be useful for cgstats !

What about last replays on bosses? It’s very time consuming to search through the leader board for replays of others against bosses or to wait until you see someone promote and then save their replay links vs boss.

You can always play yourself vs the boss to see the score (assuming you are in gold or legend).

Let’s continue with neat ideas for an intern :grinning:

  • Display “1st” and “2nd” without hovering with the mouse in the “last battles” section. Currently, it’s nearly impossible to see quickly if you have a lot of draws in UTTT.

  • Same as always in the “last battles” page : make obvious any games where the loss is due to the AI crashing (timeouts, invalid output, etc…)


Bosses do have an agentID. Gold Boss in UTTT is 1757691.

This is me losing against MightyCarlo in CGBenchmark:
19:55:45,055 INFO [ Marchete ][ SEED 32 ] https://www.codingame.com/replay/300852090 1:[BS] 2:[ME]
I called it [BS] in the json, but it’s the Gold Boss

Oh, they actually do. But you’ve got to use the current-league league leaderboard (the one used when you open leaderboard tab in the IDE) with the profile-id of someone who’s in that league. That would be a pain in the ass to implement in CGStats, and that would require lots of requests to CG servers.

Thanks for the info tho

Sounds like all you need is to maintain an offline list of boss IDs for each puzzle that you compute once…

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That’s a lot of work and maintenance just to emulate what CG can do in a few lines I guess, that was the point of the initial request

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