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Having only managed to lower the code down to 163 and seeing that there are scores way lower than that in my same language of choice, I believe that I’m missing something huge to take into account and feel rather stupid.

Any tips or directions as to where to look for inspiration?


One very quick question
Can we propose multiple solutions or are we limited to one proposal?
I ask because for the last hour I try to propose different version but it seems the report always show the same result and the same source code in the report.
Please confirm (or not)
Best regards, Philippe

PS : I use Chromium Version 41.0.2261.0 (64-bit)

You can submit as many times as you want.
The system will just keep your best score in the repport.

But the system fails with my submissions, it still keeps my first one instead of my last one in the report and the ranking not in the editor window.

Thanks a lot for the fast answer. I was pretty sure it was the case.
The problem is : no matter what, when I submit a source code then I always get the same score.
In fact when I click on the “Report” button it always show the very first source code I submitted.
I really don’t know what to do.
It seems platform do not take into account my new submission.
1 - I usually have absolutlty no problem submitting and re-submitting source code.
2 - In the mean time I made a test with Internet Explorer. It is even worst. Indeed in this case I’m not even able to make a test with let’s test Test1. Not a big deal I don’t use Explorer. No I didn’t make a test with Firefox. I don’t have it.

I just asked a reset of the source code and then I submitted the code as it was.
Normally I should not be to get 100% score with that code
I get the same score as previously and the source code shown after I click on the Report button had nothing to do with the default source code (it was not the defalt source code but the very first one I submitted)
I guess there is a problem on the platform
Let me know
Best regards, Philippe

Update : I also made a test with Mars Lander. Same behavior and same problem.

@40tude as @SaiksyApo said, for now only the best test is saved, so if you submit a dummy test that isn’t able to pass 100%, you’ll score much worse, so CG will only keep your previous test.

Ok but…
I changed the language from C++ to C
I then wrote a C version of the challenge that pass all test cases
I then submit the code
Again, I got the same score and surprisingly my language is still C++
When I click on the View Report I see… a previous C++ source code

Does it means my C code was “bigger” than my C++ source code and so CG keep my best result and my best language?

@40tude Yes.

Am I the only one thinking that 80 characters as the first and second have, is insane, absolutely insane?


Apparently I am

Yes, you are. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s driving me insane the fact that I can’t get it any lower than 106

Good evening.
I think I’m facing the same issue. I first sent a program with 1000+ characters.
Then i reached something like 532 characters (that gives me 100%) and rank me 238 but the game still show “Taille du code : 1654” and “519/577” where you select the game you want.

I think the website just keep the first submission results :confused:
Can somebody check or help me?
I’m quite new here, is there a technical support? or we just ask in the discuss section?

Edit : now it’s ok. Don’t know if somebody changed something or if the game refreshed by itself… but thanks anyway.

You are not the only… I can’t get lower than 230

use the discuss section (this one) until a member or an admin like myself answer your question, or use the chat

I have the same issue than many here: my position and score is not getting updated.
I first made a proposal with 17xx lines, and that’s the one that remains as my score.
I’ve managed to reduce to 323 in Python3 and then the board tells that I got better position.
I’ve gone to the “Games” page and … my score remains at 17xx instead of 323.
I tried to redo the thing: 323, submitted my solution and… now my position is computed as “-”
The solution with 323 lines get the 100% and it was accepted the first time.
Can you please help? 323 is not the best solution but it’s far better than the 17xx that is recorded for me…

The gamertag displayed in the leaderboard is a random one, it’s will be fix the next release.


Thanks a lot!

And, BTW, great site, continue it’s really a good thing.

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