Downloading test inputs. This used to be possible

One used to be able to download the input files of the tests in some of the challenges. Now, one can only view them interactively within the browser. This is an issue for some challanges. E.g. the Teads one, where some input file are so large that the browser refuses to display it all. Would it be possible to add a way to directly download the example input files?

I’m trying to solve the challenges with Haskell. Due to its laziness large inputs often require special attention. It would be very helpful if I could profile my solution on large input on my own machine.


I concur… while I was annoyed at how things were done before, I understood there was a reason for those other ways.

These current ways are less annoying for my own usages, yeah… but I am aware they cause issues for other people’s usage.

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I also would like to see this feature implemented: I frequently lose time in downloading them manually by means of fprintf (stderr, …). It shouldn’t be very difficult, a “Download testcases input” in the “Actions” box, when applicable (i.e. when the tests are not performed against a bot) should do it. I don’t think that having the corresponding outputs is necessary.

I made a greasemonkey script to create project for netbeans. You can modify it “easily” to add download buttons for each testcases.
I talk about it here

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Well, I don’t use Firefox, so I’d rather prefer a solution implemented on the CG platform…

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Of course an implemented solution is better.

There is “greasemonkey” equivalent (which support greasemonkey script) for several browsers (chrome, opera, ie, safari, …)

Thanks for the advice! I just installed Tampermonkey (Chrome), but apparently it doesn’t work, the script is enabled but I don’t see a “Download testcases” button… :frowning:

The button appear only if you can download the test cases. I tried it with chrome and tampermonkey and it works.
For example in Temperatures puzzle you will see it, if it’s not the case just refresh (F5).

Well… in my case, it does not work. I have Chrome 34.0 and Tampermonkey 4.0.25.

I have Chrome Version 50.0.2661.75 (64-bit) and Tampermonkey 4.0.25 (Linux). So it’s maybe because your version is old, I don’t know. This kind of stuff (web browser,js) is not my cup of tea.