Downvoting and upvoting of contributions

Recently, all of my contributions were downvoted by greater than five people while I was asleep. It seems they are being downvoted for no apparent reason. I have noticed many CodinGame members delete their contributions just because of its score. So, maybe you could add a feature to comment a reason before upvoting/downvoting a contribution.

It probably has something to do with your having 15 contributions approved by the same people in the last month?

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All the 15 were published 1 by 1 and i have never seen this happen to anyone’s contributions…7 downvotes to all of them in a day. And yes I very recently started CodinGame…1 month ago

Comments are required to approve or refuse a contribution.
Downvotes and upvotes are purely indicative so no need to justify them…

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But if someone upvotes/downvotes for a reason… the contribution can be edited to what the person wants

Of course. But you can’t force people to write a comment. If they want to, they will.

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Doubt seeing the downvoting live would have made you feel any better.

You can’t force feedback out of people. We need downvotes to point out less liked ideas and there will always be some that don’t like a puzzle for whatever reason, you shouldn’t take it the wrong way.


xD it would have made it worse