Drawer for "STOCK EXCHANGE LOSSES" is down

Now this :slight_smile:

Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute ‘arc’ on ‘CanvasRenderingContext2D’: The radius provided (-0.5) is negative.
at n.draw (h t t p s://static.codingame.com/vendors.5667ca2e.js:1:430514)
at i. (h t t p s://static.codingame.com/vendors.5667ca2e.js:1:2006044)
at Object.i.each (h t t p s://static.codingame.com/vendors.5667ca2e.js:1:416405)
at i.draw (h t t p s://static.codingame.com/vendors.5667ca2e.js:1:2005803)
at i.render (h t t p s://static.codingame.com/vendors.5667ca2e.js:1:425673)
at i.resize (h t t p s://static.codingame.com/vendors.5667ca2e.js:1:425375)
at https://static.codingame.com/vendors.5667ca2e.js:1:441752
at i.each (h t t p s://static.codingame.com/vendors.5667ca2e.js:1:416455)
at h t t p s://static.codingame.com/vendors.5667ca2e.js:1:441702

What do you mean by “drawer”? There is no viewer in Stock Exchange Losses.

Error might ring a bell to @_CG_Maxime though

As Thib said there is no player on Stock Exchange, this one is due to the progress bar (Progression circle). It’s not blocking.

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I confirm, the error on “CanvasRenderingContext2D” has no consequences. There is no viewer for this game, that’s all :).

Ah, ok. I’m used to seeing some static image before problem description in puzzles without visualization, but this doesn’t provide any)))