Earned an achievement I don't deserve

Hi !

I want to report an issue concerning the achievements and how I got an achievement I don’t deserve.

I just got back from a 4 weeks of absence and I decided to check the training tab. I see there are new easy challenges, so I decide to implement the first one prior to get to a harder one.
When I am done, I unlocked the “Come get some” achievement (3 difficult puzzles) whereas I only passed 1 in total. I don’t understand how I got it ? :open_mouth:
Moreover, my success is now showing 2/3 for the very hard puzzles when I got none of them.

Is there an explanation ?

Ok I see thank you, I understand now
I based my post on achievements, I did not check the hard and very hard categories puzzles.

I agree that it feels a little wrong. The palindrom problem is not as “very hard” as the nintendo crypto puzzle.