Community puzzles updates

We’ll look into the XP issue.

@Chingmann : @nicola1 is right, there are some very old puzzles that can’t be edited. We’ll take care of them. Thank you for reporting it.


edit: I might have been a bit too eager as the fix hasn’t been released yet, but soon :grimacing:

The XP issue is solved now. For those who missed the 50 XP when solving community puzzles in the previous day, you can resubmit the same code to obtain it.


I’ve resubmitted the one from Community puzzles updates and received the XP indeed.

But subsequently I’ve also solved two new ones (brackets ultimate and de-fizzbuzzer) and got nothing in return. They happen to be one of my own and one I’ve approved, but we did use to get XP for those as well, so this is unexpected.

Update: seems like someone’s been submitting my own code on my account behind my back. But at least it gave me the XP this time. Thanks.

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Thanks. This problem impacts only new puzzles and should be fixed soon. Meanwhile, we gave you the XP.

Hi, I want to ask, since the community puzzles will be merged with the classic section, will there be new pair of achievements for each commutiny puzzle like the ones for the classic puzzles.


I think it’s too way easy to get the puzzle related achievements now. Isn’t a “very hard” community puzzle still much easier than a very hard classic puzzle? I got the “Damn I’m good” achievement because of this, and it felt wrong.


I’ve just seen, that after the migration I have several hard puzzles completed, which are enough for getting the “Come get some” achievement, and I haven’t. May be it’s not a problem and I have to resubmit them, at the moment I’m on mobile and cannot test resubmiting. Just wanted to share, possibly someone else is experiencing the same.


Did you check your achievement list? At the moment i don’t get the notifications, but i get the achievements of doing something (bug?).

Is it level 30+ or level 29+ or level 21+ or level 20+? Are there different requirements in levels in respect of puzzle moderators’ approve/refuse/edit/delete-comments rights? :dizzy_face:

Checked and double check, still nothing, still haven’t trued to resubmit, I’m getting married and do not have computer aroubd me :slight_smile:


You don’t think that a month is reasonable? I would be interested to know what you meant by a two stage process.

It’s not reasonable, it’s far too short.
Two stage process?
Draft to stage 1, OK.
Stage 1 to stage 2 needs three agreements.
Stage 2 to validation needs three agreements too, not the same.
Three refusals in stage 2 means back to stage 1.
Three refusals on stage 1 means back to draft or final refusal, I don’t know.

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Finally I had time to test, resubmitting works, I resubmitted just one solution and everything with the achievements is alright now :slight_smile:


Now the weekly highlight community puzzle becomes invisible in any of the puzzle list.

It’s in the medium difficulty puzzles list.

See it now. Something supposed to be highlighted should be really highlighted in some ways, like moving up to the top, overriding the priority of official puzzles.

If I may be bold enough, this is quite inaccurate. I just opened codingame after a long time, and I found “Organic Compounds” in hard section. I tagged it as easy? Perhaps if we add tags about difficulty, you may sort by that?

There is a new field “difficulty” you can use to influence the category.

Thanks a lot. Hadn’t noticed that :blush:

Newly created contributions get 30 days to get accepted or refused by moderators.

Any rejected contribution can be updated by the creator and submitted again.

We believe there won’t be much abuse of this feature ( like resubmitting every time the same puzzle until it gets accepted). Let us know in case it happens.

Edit: as a reminder, any account with level >= 20 has moderator rights on draft contributions (accept/refuse/edit). Any account with level >= 29 has super-moderator rights meaning the possibility to edit already accepted contributions (but super old ones). We’ll move that limit to 30, it will be easier to remember.

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