I believe there is nothing else as annoying as these little editor misbehavings.
One moans about the settings the other one is displeased with a lack of a feature (or a config, or … - just search for ‘editor’). An editor is very personal choice and I feel frustrated when being deep into something, the editor doesn’t work as I am used to.

Now, solution:
There is no chance, that any CG editor will fulfill the expectation. My suggestion is to give it up and instead, please make a nice API. There are some smart people here who could make use of that and provide us with “a bridge”, “a proxy”.

Does it really have to be nice?

The API is there. It’s not perfect, but it’s usable.

Have you seen this?

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Yes, I did. I was fighting with it for a while and I guess I will give it a try again.
That’s exactly what I meant - a proxy made by community to accessing CG from one favorite editor locally.
Well, maybe I should shut up and let @Jasperr rate CG API.

I agree with @JBM on this one. Although the editor API is not documented and it requires the combination of an extension and a locally running application to perform actions on the local filesystem, it does exist and it works fine at the moment.