Emailing rework

We’ve decided to change the way we handle automatic emails.

Perhaps you’ve remarked that your email settings have changed. In a nutshell, here’s what changed:

  • no more Weekly or Daily “Digest” email

  • no more Puzzle of the Week email but the notification stays

  • clear settings

  • a new monthly newsletter. Relevant and human (hopefully :stuck_out_tongue: )

Feel free to tell us what you think of it. We’re already looking into improving other things that may not impact you, such as the onboarding email flow and automatic unsubscribe after long inactivity.

The digest was useless for me because i come here almost everyday, but i’m surprised because i believed it was useful for some people.

Please, i know we are not many people with this issue, but add some parameters for notification. I want to get rid of league, puzzle of the week and followers notifications :frowning:

for now, in-site notifications stay the same. Only moderation notifications can be deactivated.

Snif :sob: